Thursday, 11 December 2008

Path Continued... Again!

Many current games have, in both my opinion and that of many others, taken a turn for the worse. This can most likely be related to the increased capabilities of 2D and 3D modelling and rendering programs, enabling game companies to produce higher qualities graphics in games. However, many games now seem to put priority into graphics over game play, which has resulted in a lot of games with a very short lifespan. You can also compare this to some of the latest films released, where the CG is quite realistic, but the films leave you feeling emotionally empty and unsatisfied.

Not everyone sees the increased graphical capabilities as negative thing. From a more positive view, the constantly updated graphics make it much easier to absorb yourself in the game without having pixellated characters and objects distracting you from the game play.

Saying that though, I must applaud Nintendo for their fantastic choice in 'Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess' as their premier launch title. Having played the previous console released Zelda games from Ocarina of Time onwards, I was already excited by the prospect of a new Zelda game and I was not disappointed. The updated graphics were refreshing, especially after I had only recently decided to replay Ocarina of Time. The game play was still in the familiar style that I was used to from the previous Zelda games and the introduction of motion sensitive swordsmanship was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire game from start to finish, even through the oh so familiar "How is this dungeon even possible" of the typical Zelda game. Congratulations Nintendo! You made a fantastic start with Twilight Princess.

...Red Steel? Why would you punish us like this *weeps*

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